With our various cooperation partners you can make your stay at the Immenhausen Scouting Center even more exciting. In addition to the diverse natural landscape of Reinhardswald Nature Park, exciting excursion destinations and sights are waiting to be discovered.

You can make a request for the various offers simply by filling in our online form when you make your booking. We will then forward it immediately to the cooperation partners - or you can contact the providers directly.


Immenhausen - Swimming Pool, History Walk, and Glass Museum

In only 30 minutes you can walk to the Immenhausen swimming pool. This combined indoor and outdoor pool is open year-round. The small old town attracts with impressive half-timbered houses and can be explored on your own during a history walk through the town. In the last century, the town was also shaped by the Süßmuth glass works, whose historical heritage can be experienced in the glass museum.


WILDNISWISSEN Wilderness School

WILDNISWISSEN wilderness school gets students interested in nature, lets them experience community, and helps them discover their talents and expand their boundaries. Two- to five-day programs are being offered year-round as a part of school trips. The offer applies to primary and secondary schools up to grade 10.

For more information, see https://klassenfahrt.wildniswissen.de/.

TEAMFINDER Team Building

The TEAMFINDERs show groups what teamwork means in a playful way with their experiential education programs in the forest and on our premises. You need adventurers big and small who stick together for the smuggler hunt through the forest or the Adventure Challenge!

For more information, see http://www.teamfinder-projekte.de/startseite.

Canoeing on the Weser & Diemel Rivers

As different as Weser and Diemel are, they have one thing in common - canoeing fun! Both are ideal rivers for beginning and advanced canoeing and paddling. Kanu Schumacher offers day and multi-day tours on the Diemel and Weser. For school classes and youth groups tours are being offered at special discounts, guided if required.

© Paavo Blåfield

Sababurg – Fairytale Castle, Animal Park, and Primeval Forest

Welcome to the fairy tale: Sababurg Castle is known nationally and internationally as Sleeping Beauty's castle and is a very popular excursion destination. The castle complex with its enchanted rose garden beckons you to visit. Below the fairytale Sababurg castle, right next to the impressive primeval forest in the middle of the Reinhardswald, lies the 130-hectare Sababurg animal park. The Sababurg primeval forest is one of the natural highlights of Reinhardswald Nature Park. Centuries-old silvopasture oaks, which are the most famous symbols of the Reinhardswald, can be admired here in large numbers.


© Immo Cornelius/agrarheute

Frankenhausen Estate Experimental Farm

During a guided tour of the Frankenhausen estate, visitors can see and try for themselves how food is being produced on the large organic farm of the University of Kassel.

Petra Wendtlandt offers various activities for all ages throughout the year.

Reinhardswald Hunter Andrea Robrecht

Andrea Robrecht, the Reinhardswald hunter, offers various activities in forest education such as a bat walk in the adjacent nature reserves “Bennhäuser Teich” and “Rothbalzer Teich.”

For more information, see http://www.maerchen-im-reinhardswald.de/.

Tour of the Ostwind Series Filming Locations

During a guided Ostwind filming locations tour with Johannes Sommer at Gut Waitzrodt, our guests can get a taste of the movies. Here you can experience the main motif of Ostwind 4 - Aris Ankunft and the filming locations on Gut Waitzrodt up close. “Gut Kaltenbach,” as it is named in the Ostwind movies, is located in the immediate vicinity of the Scouting Center.


Kassel - documenta, UNESCO World Heritage, Brothers Grimm

Kassel is home to the world's largest art exhibition, the documenta, a UNESCO World Heritage site with the Wilhelmshöhe Mountain Park, and the home of the Brothers Grimm, with numerous activities related to fairy tales.



Herb Hikes

Exploring herbs in their natural habitat and enjoying them on your plate afterwards: This is what herb woman Annette Zimmermann offers on her herb walks.

For more information, see https://www.annette-zimmermann.de/.


Circus & Fire Education FIRE AND FLAME

From the safe lighting of a campfire to circus fire games - Tim Heumann teaches a safe and playful approach to the element of fire. Or should it be a whole circus show with acrobatics, ladder acrobatics, juggling, fakir arts, poi swinging or aerial acrobatics?  
More information: www.feuer-flam.me


Hiking Trails in Reinhardswald Nature Park

Two marked circular hiking trails of Reinhardswald Nature Park with different degrees of difficulty start directly at the Scouting Center:

The more demanding Ahlberg-Reinersen circular trail is 5.3 km long and marked with a yellow 1. On the way to the Ahlberg, hiking idylls, close-to-nature paths, and places of historico-cultural interest such as the abandoned village of Reinersen await.

The easier Kleeberg circular trail is also 5.3 km long and marked with a yellow 2. Here you hike on historical mining trails along some of the region's scenic attractions.

The Fairytale Country Trail is a 430.8 km long cycle and long-distance hiking trail that starts in Bad Karlshafen and runs through the Reinhardswald, Solling, Kaufunger Wald, Söhre, and Habichtswald hill country. A characteristic white M with a swerve points the way.