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Camping at the Scouting Center

Our well-maintained eight-hectare campground offers the perfect camping terrain for each taste. Subdivided by numerous hedges and trees, the extensive campus offers space and infrastructure for large camps of more than 1,000 people as well as for a number of smaller simultaneous occupancies.

Several supply points offer electricity, fresh water, and sewage. There is ample pole wood for black tents, which may be used for free for tents and storage constructions. You may set up a campfire in one of our three permanently installed fire pits and/or in one of our optional fire bowls.

Our modern sanitary facilities and several sinks are designed for large camps. If necessary, you may book our professional self-catering kitchen.


Our modern sanitary facilities offer separate areas for girls and boys. We create hot water with hot water collectors using solar energy.


Large Events

From large camps to company events, from a Live Action Role Play to a festival stage: The Scouting Center offers infrastructure and experience for large events of 500 to 5,000 people. Two regional centers are 20 and 40 minutes away, respectively. We are versed in collaborating very closely with public authorities, farmers, neighbors, and foresters and offer a network of suppliers for large occupancies that is working well together.