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Experience Nature

Our guests and staff live and work in close communion with nature. Our premises are located on the edge of the forest and offer a holistic experience of nature through their open design. Biological diversity is lived out here: On the eight-hectare site, large pastures with native wild flowers and a meadow orchard invite you to watch insects, more than 40 species of native shrubs and trees make biodiversity tangible, and the adjacent Reinhardswald Nature Park showcases the forest habitat in an impressive way. One of the aims of the pedagogic principles of the Immenhausen Scouting Center is to sensitize children and young people to the protection of nature by making them feel a part of it. Varied educational programs, guided tours, and educational information boards contribute to this goal.


Experience Community

At camps, school trips, and group vacations, children and young people learn in community to take on more responsibility for themselves and the group step by step. The Immenhausen Scouting Center is the training center of the BdP (German Association of Guides and Scouts) and the central location for the instruction of the Association's active members. Our many years of experience enable us to provide well-founded and tailor-made deals for committee meetings and training courses of all youth groups. The center offers fun, relaxation, and a healthy, focused atmosphere for training events of all kinds. At the same time, course leaders are given the freedom and responsibility for successfully implementing events. Here young people find all the necessary prerequisites for their further education and receive the support they need.

Experience Adventures

The way in which children and young people learn and acquire new skills at the Immenhausen Scouting Center follows the principle of “learning by doing.” No ready-made products, but programs, activities, and situations in which one can actively experience something by doing something are being offered. The Scouting Center provides the infrastructure for discoveries and activities, provides a workshop, timber, bicycles, playground equipment, and climbing trees and enables independent and autonomous group programming. Children and young people are expressly encouraged to try something new at the Scouting Center. For this purpose we offer activities that focus on do-it-yourself and experimenting, on exploring and questioning.


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