Sustainable management is a priority for us. This is where you can hold a meeting in an ecological, economical, and social manner: catering that uses regional products on an organic basis, successive renovation in accordance with ecological standards, waste separation, and fair working conditions for all of our employees are a given for us. As the training center of the guides and scouts we are committed to ecologically-friendly behavior and ask our guests to support this. In particular, the nature surrounding our center is a valuable part of our educational institution and we ask you to respect this through mindful behavior.

Surrounded by more than 100 trees, the certified country hostel celebrates biodiversity: large oaks provide peace and shade, the meadow orchard feeds insects and birds and provides toppings for home-made cakes from our kitchen. Our campground is subdivided by hedges of native shrubs in which numerous bird nests and a few hedgehogs can be found. Beautiful blossoms of the crop beds decorate the grounds and provide food for the insects that have taken up residence in the insect hotel. A small stream offers refreshment and is the most natural playground in the world.

On our premises of more than eight hectares of land, we showcase the biodiversity of the local flora and fauna and continuously create new incentives for plants and animals to settle here. More than 40 different species of trees and native hedge shrubs can be found here. The edges of the campground meadows are not mowed and offer a cross-section of meadow grasses, wild flowers, and herbs of all kinds. All this makes for a large population of native birds and insects that have settled on the premises. Kites circle over the meadow and find prey, predatory shrikes can be observed hunting, nuthatches and woodpeckers populate the tree trunks.