From Girl Scouts' Hostel to Immenhausen Scouting Center

Half a Century

More than 50 years ago, the Association of German Girl Scouts acquired a meadow near Immenhausen - in order to have its own campsite in the heart of Germany.

In 1956, the first big Asscociation camp took place in Immenhausen - accompanied by a lot of rain, which did not even stop on the day Lady Baden-Powell, the chairwoman of the World Federation of Girl Scouts, visited the camp.

The desire for a permanent home followed. The topping-out ceremony for the first building was celebrated on July 28, 1958; on August 1, 1959, the center was inaugurated and the topping-out ceremony for the third building took place. These were the hours of birth of the Immenhausen Scouting Center. From then on it became a training center, meeting place, and camp hub for the girl scouts. On January 1, 1976, the BdP took over the center.

A Quarter of a Century

In 1978, the BdP started another “Immenhausen campaign:” Four new group homes with ten beds each were to adapt the center to the needs of the larger federation.

From 1979 to 1981, several work camps, the so-called Bauhütten, took place. In September 1981, the four new group homes were inaugurated. From now on, seminars, courses, and conferences were increasingly held in Immenhausen.

In the following years, the BdP acquired some camping meadows to expand the site, carried out renovation work, professionalized the management, and developed a mission statement in harmony with nature and the environment.

In 2008, the former director's house was expanded. The BdP head office and the BdP supply store moved into the newly created rooms. In the same year, the new washhouse, the self-catering kitchen, and the holiday apartment were built.