Once Upon a Time There Was a Forest

After two dry summers and two hurricanes with extreme windfall, the bark beetle has finished off the trees in the adjacent forest. In the second week of January, the tireless harvester arrived at the center. Now it is done and all spruces are piled up to a huge wall at the edge of our main meadow.

What remains is an empty piece of land. Climate change can be experienced here in a very depressing way. How will things go on in the forest after the clear-cutting? “More than 20,000 hectares of clear-cut land in Hesse have to be reforested. By 2023 we will invest a total of 200 million Euros into our forest.”

“Our goal is a diverse mixed forest that is rich in species and able to withstand climate change,” writes Hessian Minister for the Environment Priska Hinz. Our contact persons at the Hesse State Forest Service and Reinhardswald Nature Park will keep us informed about the concrete plans for and effects on the forest adjacent to the Immenhausen Scouting Center.