Everyone to the Sauna!

A Sustainable Construction

Scouts and guides want to act sustainably and conserve resources. This includes a careful handling of materials that are generated during camps and activities.

For the 2013 association camp “Weitwinkel,” a lot of wood was needed to build the big stage and the impressive camp gate, for example. It soon became clear that something permanent should be created from this wood in Immenhausen after the end of the camp. The plan for the log cabin sauna was born.

Carpenters, joiners, and skilled craftspeople abound in the ranks of the German Association of Guides and Scouts (BdP). During two work canps, the dream became reality thanks to numerous scouts and guides.

At the end of 2018, the log cabin sauna was completed during another work camp. It is heated with an original Finnish wood-fired sauna oven, a souvenir of the BdP association trip to Finland in 2008. Now the wood from the federal camp lives on in the Immenhausen Scouting Center and the sauna oven can finally be used for its purpose: heating up on cold, wet days.

Heat Up & Enjoy

For the guests of the Immenhausen Scouting Center it is now: Everyone to the sauna!

The price for BdP scouts and guides is 30 € per day, for all other guests 50 €. Firewood, water, and electricity are included.