Immenhausen Scouting Center Celebrates 60th Anniversary

What would the ideal place for a camp look like for you? This question is always at the beginning when something is changed in Immenhausen. It stood at the beginnings of the Immenhausen Scouting Center, when young Girl Scouts were checking a map of Germany for an ideal place for their association camp, and even today the people who have taken on responsibility for the BdP still ask themselves this question. What else do we need? What could make a camp or seminar in the center even better and smoother?

The Immenhausen Scouting Center has become something very special through this consistent view through the pathfinding goggles: A huge campground with a modern washhouse, electricity, and water connections, large amounts of pole wood, small hedges, and large trees - not just a forest clearing, but no caravan site either. The houses are cozy, but not fancy and posh.

This is because scouts and guides wear heavy hiking boots with clay and dirt on the soles and sit on the floor in front of pillar candles and mugs with hot tea.But when the fireworks of methods are being ignited at the beginning of the seminar, there must be good flipcharts, presentation cases, projectors, and sufficient sockets for computers and mobile phones. And if after numerous weekends over the cold half of the year the desire arises for a warming sauna, a sauna is built.

The Immenhausen Scouting Center is always in motion because the BdP is also constantly developing. New people bring new ideas, inspire others, and put these ideas into practice. This is what has been happening in Immenhausen for 60 years. Due to these numerous influences, the BdP's training center can be many things today: a campground for association and tribal camps, a training location for courses and seminars, a starting point for a hike or a trip, and a venue for committee meetings.

And if you are still missing something, now might be the time for you to get involved and develop the Immenhausen Scouting Center further, so that all scouts and guides will continue to have a place of retreat that specifically caters to their wishes and needs only.